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2012 Age Groups For T & F

Added on 10 February 2012

New Age Groups Information

As we approach the 2012 Indoor Track & Field Season, we are aware that the “Pilot” programme changing the age groups for Track and Field championships will throw up many questions for the athletes, coaches and parents involved.

For more information related to heights / weights / distances, please refer to the attached document at the foot of this page. Please note the age groups in the attached document are from last years outdoor 2011 season.

The new age groups for the indoor 2012 season are as follows:

Age Groups/Qualification
Under 12:Born Between 1 Jan 2001 – 31 Dec 2002
Under 14:Born between 1 Jan 1999 – 31 Dec 2000
Under 16:Born between 1 Jan 1997 – 31 Dec 1998
Under 18:Born between 1 Jan 1995 – 31 Dec 1996
Under 20:Born between 1 Jan 1993 – 31 Dec 1994
Senior:Born before 1 Jan 1993

The “Pilot” programme commenced on 1st April 2011 and, whilst taking us away from age groups in England and Wales, brings us into line with most, if not all other countries world-wide.

The rationale
It has been very apparent through the Strategy Review process, feedback from clubs, and direct observation of participation numbers at events, that underpinning our future health as a sport, we must engage and retain more young people in our sport – making “a sport for life” happen for more people.

One factor that is perceived as a barrier is the U17 – U20 jump, and the double years at younger age groups. By changing the age group to U18, we reduce that gap at an age when we lose many athletes. Success and feeling that you are competitive is a key factor in motivation – especially when in formative years.

Similarly, we plan to recognise all “year groups” at National Championships – major medals at U16, U18 etc, but recognition also of the leading U15, and U17 athletes.


On one level the change may seem a small one, but we hope and expect that this can be a catalyst that has a much greater impact.

When combined with the changes to the competitive season – a more progressive structure through the season, with our National Championships having meaning in terms of selection to represent Scotland (eg Celtic Games following the Age Group Championships), and the many other priorities in the strategy (eg support and priority to our clubs and the challenges they face) – the age group changes are significant, but not the be-all and end all.

Specific questions have been asked about some events and how they relate to the Celtic Games events. We will ensure that events at our Age Group Championships reflect absolutely those that follow on at the Celtic Games. We are using that event as a selection meet, so this is essential.