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Hanna's Holiday Mile

Added on 02 May 2011

So you pop off to hotter climes for a wee Easter break and what do you do?  Sizzle in the sun, snorkel in the sea, chill by the pool, or maybe take in the sights.   Well if you're a truely dedicated athlete, like our very own Hanna Cleghorn then you might do all of the above, take part in a wee "fun run" and earn some holiday prize-money.  Well done Hanna.


  Here's Hanna's account of her race:

"The course was a 400m loop which you had to do 4 times. On the first loop i was running beside two spanish girls but i dropped them in the middle of the second lap. By the third lap there was no-one in front of me or behind me for about 80metres. On the last lap, i tried to catch a woman in front of me as i saw her slowing down a little but i couldn't quite catch her. Unfortunately, i couldn't count the time i got as my mile time because i would have lost a lot of time having to slow down and speed up again when we were turning the corner. My time was 6.05 and the winner's time was 5.13."

And here's Big Malky's account:

"Hanna and Julie entered the Canaries urban mile competition, Hanna missed the start of her age graded race so had to run in the professional race with the pro runners. Hanna came in 5th and Julie was 7th.  Hanna still qualified for her age group race and won first place, she also got called up for the pro race for her 5th place which had a 50 euros cash prize ha ha, we dont have official time but it was around 6minutes, not bad after a 20 mile mountain bike ride to a volcano the day before, we only found out about the race the night before after Julie spotted a poster in a shop windae and they decided to enter.  Needless to say I didnt enter it would have been embarassing if I won too."